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We at Forkey Construction & Fabrication, Inc. focus on customers. We strive to exceed customer's expectations in Quality, Service, and Price. We believe that our people are our most valuable asset. In addition to providing a safe and healthy workplace, we cultivate a corporate culture that focuses on employee pride and satisfaction. We believe in teamwork, unity, security, recognition, and a sense of ownership. We are committed to continuous improvement in ourselves, our systems, and in our products and services. Our focus is on long-term relationships. We conduct business honestly and responsibly. We maintain positive relationships with our community and neighbors. We fulfill environmental responsibility. We strive to improve resource utilization and waste reduction. By being Versatile, Adaptable, and Embracing Change, we will shape our future in our new 132,000 square foot facility where our operations will be run from, as we continue our commitment to growing Forkey Construction & Fabrication, Inc.  Please click here for more information regarding our facility as of October 2014. 

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